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Success Stories


 My neck was so “stuck” after years of injury from a car accident. Working to return mobility has eliminated pain from my back and my neck is getting better. My hip was out from a surgery. One adjustment fixed months of pain.    -Michele P.  

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People are Talking
We are happy to show the feedback and kind words we’ve received for our services and massage. We strive to comfort and help each and everyone who walks through our doors and look forward to hearing from you.

Peter c.

A friend referred me to Dr. Hansen when I told him my neck, shoulders, and back were sore from sitting at a computer desk all day. I also had sinus problems that kept me up all night, thus decreasing my overall energy. After I went to Dr. Hansen’s new patient orientation, I decided to try chiropractic care.

After only 1-2 weeks, I began seeing results. The treatment program he prescribed, including exercise programs and spinal care classes have taught me how to keep my body healthy. I now have more energy, can breathe much easier, and have a better quality of life. I strongly recommend Dr. Hansen to anyone interested in Chiropractic care.

Shannon E.

I started seeing Dr. Hansen after a rollover car accident and I immediately experienced results. Now, not only have my pain and headaches improved, but my overall quality of life is better

Lauren W

I came to Dr. Hansen when I was rear-ended in an auto accident. My neck hurt so bad that I couldn’t turn my head. Within the first week or two, I felt the results of chiropractic care. The exercise programs really made a difference too. Now, life is good again because I have more energy and having my spine in alignment is the best feeling ever

Beth A.

I first came to Dr. Hansen’s office for Bicycle Helmet Safety Day and subsequently returned to discuss my neck and back pain. I had suffered from on-going pain in my neck and back due to 60 hour work weeks and painting houses on the side. Because of the pain, I slowly became sedentary in my lifestyle and as a result, gained weight. I had tried previous doctors and techniques, but my problems immediately returned. I felt like there were no long-term solutions.

Since coming to Dr. Hansen, my posture has greatly improved and I have little to no pain now! I love Dr. Hansen’s approach! He gives us the tools to take charge of our lives. Now, I’m much more active and interested in taking care of myself.

John B.

When a friend referred me to Dr. Hansen, I finally felt like there was hope. Dr. Hansen took his time to find out what was really going on. I began to see big improvements and today my neck and shoulders are pain-free and my mid-back pain has decreased significantly. I now know that there is an exercise/treatment program that will help me get my body back to 100%!

Ignacio O.

I was suffering from neck and back pain for over a year and it was getting worse. I couldn’t do my job right, had trouble sleeping, and in general I could not enjoy life. Now, I hardly ever have pain and when I do, I can make it go away by doing my exercises. My sleep is better, my job is easier for me and I can even do activities I had given up on!

Michelle c.

As an ICU nurse, I see patients in crisis everyday that have not managed their health.

They did not listen to their bodies screaming at them and now they want a quick fix for years of abuse that they have done to themselves. I have come to understand more fully that we only have one body. We need to nourish and take care of it!

Wellness is a lifelong process that requires discipline and awareness. I am very grateful that chiropractic is part of my wellness plan. I need to fix the base of my problems and not just band-aid the ailments.

I really respect Dr. Hansen’s holistic approach and I am grateful that he doesn’t just treat his patients, but he also teaches them.

Carlene H.

I have never had a doctor who cares so much about his patients. His enthusiasm for learning and being the best he can be is extraordinary. I strongly believe his care and patience give us the best opportunity to be the best that we can be.

Liz N.

I first came to see Dr. Hansen because I wanted to improve my quality of life. I had previously been in a car accident and I had back surgery at the age of 13. Steel rods were screwed into my spine from the top of my shoulders all the way down to my lower back. The pain mostly surrounded my lower back. It was so painful it hurt to touch.

I stopped working out and sitting for long periods of time because I would re-injure my lower back. I tried everything else, from MD’s to specialists to alternative care and even another chiropractor. Nothing seemed to stick. After seeing Dr. Hansen, I noticed small results right away. Major changes happened within a few weeks. Chiropractic has been the only therapy that has been a gentle and pleasant treatment. It has significantly improved my lower back, giving me the opportunity to partake in new life activities, adding to the richness of my life.

Chiropractic has also improved the quality of my life both physically and emotionally. Not only do I feel better, but I’m able to concentrate and enjoy more of what life has to offer. I can’t believe I almost gave up on chiropractic before I ever experienced it. Look at me now!

Nate D.

I’m a body builder and it seems like I can’t play sports anymore without getting hurt.  I was playing on my softball team when I began having elbow and knee problems.  The pain was so severe that I had to stop training for 2 months which is very problematic for someone who trains and    competes at my level.  A mutual friend and fellow trainer suggested that I start treatment with Dr. Hansen. The first thing I noticed was that he was very specific to my needs, and I didn’t just feel like a number.  I began to see improvement almost overnight!  My adjustments really helped to reduce the severe pain in my elbow and knee and now I’m able to get back to training for my body building shows.  I feel that Dr. Hansen takes a vested interest in each patient and the effect of that is a quick recovery!